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And Another One
Cookeville strikes again! Now before I start this is my own opinion and most people think my opinion is retarded. But you can't hold a person for their thoughts. It just seems like it's always something around here.

Police Dog Attack

Everyone pay attention to which cop was handling the dog! It might not be in the papers everytime and it might just be me, but why is it always certain cops? I could honestly go on and on about a few cops that are always into something. Brent Anderson, Chase Mathis, etc. For those that think I hate cops you got me all wrong too. I personally know a few city, county, and state cops. They are wonderfull people.

Why does a police dog not have to be on a leash? Give me one good reason why they shouldn't! I understand they have to be let off when in a chase, but even a person can be highly trained and make stupid discisions. Therefore even animal lovers know deep down they do stupid crap sometimes. Trained or not!

I wish there was a way (probably not cost efficient) to elect cops, but I wish we could vote in cops like an election. Let them go threw training then have a vote! I know it's too much money, but we are going to have to do someting to fix this problem. We might as well call this Cookeville, NYC!

This is off this subject but I have to add it in. Just the other day I took a shower and went up to the store to get something to drink (No not alcohol). I passed a cop and put my finger in my ear to get some water out. I don't know if the cop thought I was flipping him off or what, but he turned his car around like dukes of hazzard and followed me all the way to the store. Even if I did flip him the bird that is not illegal! I was driving speed limit and had my seat belt on. I personally think he just wanted to be a dick!
18 Mar 2008 by gride420

Baxter Fire
So there is a lot of talk about the Baxter fire. I'm not sure if a lot of people know, but there have been quite a few fires in the west Baxter area and on top of that my own first cousins house was burnt to a crisp the night after the Baxter fire. Although they are not in west Baxter it is still crazy.

One thing I do not understand and maybe I just have missed the story. But at the same time the Baxter fire was going on there was a break in at a local store in Baxter and supposedly all the 2-3 cops in Baxter where there investigating that. I got the info from a family member and they are older and I could not get all that much info about it. Therefore I do not even know which store it was, but it had something to do with "a money machine" I assume either an ATM or one of those machines that slides money up when you put more money in it. Why this is not in the paper I do not know and like i said maybe I just missed it!

More info on Baxter fire

On a second note everyone please do me a favor and go to this link and put in 38501 right now!!!!!!!

16 Mar 2008 by gride420

It's gone but not forgotten
Oh freakin no! This is the worst news I think I have heard in awhile. The Baxter Wagon Wheel is gone! If it was going to take a business in Baxter why couldn't it have been Bi-rite. Well it's not close to the fire, but maybe Love's. The worst thing that ever happen to Baxter is that stupid hell hole. So Baxter needed money who cares. You can't even make it to the town unless you come down 70 anymore, too much traffic. Just the other day i tried to get off the exit and I sat behind 5 18 wheelers for close to 10 minutes on the off ramp! Arggg! Baxter doesn't need to grow and I don't know why people think it should. 10-20 years from now it will suck worse than Cookeville! Mark my words!

14 Mar 2008 by gride420

Everyone go to our myspace page and spread the love.

Cookevillesucks Myspace

We don't die we just multiply!
08 Mar 2008 by gride420

Cookeville Again
Dear god! This shit is getting worse than New York City! I am not going to state an opinion on this because I don't know the truth. But watch the video for yourself and make your own opinion of it.

I will say that the cop does make a hand gesture and the other cop for sure looks back at the camera for no reason getting into his front right pocket.

You can probably argue with the dog bite. It might be the cops job to hold the dog, but when he went to the ground the cop was trying to hold the dog back. Cop might have fucked up by not paying attention, but i don't think he meant for it to happen. But the tail about the planting drugs sure as hell looks true to me and that is some fucked up shit. It is bad enough the shit is illegal to begin with.

Oh and lets not forget our wonderful Mr. Brent Anderson. That mother fucker is an accident waiting to happen for the city of Cookeville. He is shifty as fuck and should be fired when gotten the chance. Even though they done had the chance, but i guess when you deal with city its hard to do what you wanna. Blah Blah Blah!

If you don't have the software to open a pdf file here is a quick download to adobe reader newest version as of this date posted.

Thanks to: had first coverage of this on the net that i could find. And if it wasn't on today's then probalby wont be on anyone elses site. So thanks for shooting it threw our tv screens.

Thanks to: for pdf file.

21 Feb 2008 by gride420

Happy B-day
I just wanted to let everyone know that in about 26 days will be 5 years old. So we said we would never leave and it looks like we mean what we say! Cookevilletalks and all the other cookeville websites can all kiss our asses. We told you punks we was for realz and now your all down and we are still up. Sure I am brag'in cuase we have the damn right too.

Just so everyone knows just cause we are getting older doesn't mean cookeville is getting any better!
15 Jan 2008 by gride420

The Dirty Birds
Ok everyone here is a gang that actually helps cookeville not suck as bad! That's a damn relief and a half.

18 Aug 2007 by gride420

Lilligate Continues....
lilligate As you may have noticed around town, Good 'ol Lillie still hasn't taken her campaign signs down.  I'm not sure of the exact specifications on this one, but when you lose you are suppose to have to remove the signs within a given amount of time.  Forcing hearings, and lawsuits and whatnot, tsk tsk tsk shame on you.... for knowing how to take advantage of the system.  Take it like professional should, you lost get the fuck over, and go out and find a real job like the rest of us.  Furthermore I think she should be fined for not removing her campaign signs in a timely manner.

On an entirely different note I stumbled upon this article by my favorite journalist Lawyer X at the putnam pit. Here's an excerpt....

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. -- Lillie Ann Sells, an assistant DA under Bill Gibson, is a candidate for the new criminal court judgeship created to help with the backlog of cases in criminal court.  It was basically thought there were no skeletons in her closet that would affect her candidacy.  This may not be so.

Information acquired by your Lawyer X shows that she married Laken Mitchell in 1984, when he was general counsel for Commonwealth Oil Company. The company went bankrupt, which resulted in indictments and convictions of several people including Charlie Miller, former CEO of Citizens Bank of Cookeville.

A former securities investigator said Mitchell was one of the targets of the investigation.

In 1984 Mitchell conveyed property to his wife, Sells, with no consideration being paid.  They divorced in 1985.  Mitchell again transferred property to Sells in 1992, at a time when they were not married.

Sounds like fun huh read the rest -=HERE=-
07 Sep 2006 by dranyam

I am going to post this on the main page, so that others can see. It is a comment made on the article before this one..

First of all you both need to read my article a bit better. I didn't like any of it either. I don't think its right to have a party either. You both are slanting me and all I am doing is posting news about what is happening. Not what I agree with just plain and simple news. Secondly, you’re a fucking retard for saying shit about my screen name. 420 means you like to smoke pot when you lay it all out on the line. Pot is nothing compared to the things that other ppl do. It’s not an addiction or a life killer. Thirdly, you honestly posted your comment on some shit and you don’t' even know for sure who I am talking about. Sure some people might take their guesses and be right, but you have to proof of who I was talking about!
I don't mention names on here because it is local and I don't want ppl to be upset with freedom of speech. Even though it’s my write to do so if I please.

If you read my quotes it says plainly that I do not know if this is true or not. So therefore I didn't spread any rumors, especially since I never mention any names. I do feel for you and your family and I understand what you are going through with your loss. But you cannot throw your feelings on someone that hasn't mentioned names, or if things where true. I only stated what I knew and heard and plainly stated that also.

“I have also been informed, but at the same time not complety sure if it’s the truth or not, but I heard that Cookeville Police Department lost close to 50 indictments since this guy overdosed and died."
18 Jul 2006 by gride420

Wagon Wheel
This is what happends when you get too drunk and the Baxter Wagon Wheel and Jeff Crouch is pickin you a sweet ass bluegrass tune.

Get your asses to Baxter on Saturday nights!
10 Apr 2006 by gride420

If you didnt hate JWC before....
PSYCHO CHARLIEGood ol cookeville, you never let me down.  I dunno if you guys know who JWC is or what they do, but if you've been listening to a shitty radio station that plays the same ten songs over and over all day long, they probably own the radio station.  I was looking through a site of a local skateboarder, and found a link to a skate shop which happened to be a myspace page. 

Well,  somehow I wander over to this PSYCHO CHARLIE'S myspace, and turns out he was fired from JWC for some comment he made on his myspace about not loving jesus.  Now thats a fucking hoot.  If you guys haven't already been reading about this drama you really gotta head on over to his -=SITE=- and check out this ignorant bitch that apparently IS IN THE FAMILY of JWC.........  Just thought this was kinda interresting, and that yall might wanna see her making an ass of her self...
18 Mar 2006 by dranyam

Random Media Explosion




Ok I was bored and I couldn't sleep and Im sitting in the irc channel and someone local came in and spammed his website.... Im thinking OH IM SURE THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT!!! Oddly to my surprise it was actually a nice looking site, and contains some pretty rad skate videos. Soo Matt here ya go man.. All you fuckers Go Here -------->
04 Feb 2006 by maynard

PUTNAM COUNTY -- Although no one has tried to open a "gentleman's club" in Putnam County, the county now has specific instructions that must be followed in the case that one should try to locate in the county.

Guidelines for an "adult oriented establishment" locating in Putnam County were approved by commissioners on the county planning committee Monday night after previously being approved by the Putnam County Adult Oriented Establishment Board.

Holy shit what a thing to see on the front of I dunno but sounds like they are keen on a titty bar..... Click on the picture up there to read the rest of the article over at the H-C. Maybe not, Anyhow we are gonna try and get some more stickers soon. I know I've had a shitload of people asking me about it, and I sure gride has too. So there's atleast one thing to look forward to in the new year.
11 Jan 2006 by maynard

People are so stupid.....

Click the picture to read the story....
04 Jan 2006 by maynard

Baxter Mall
So we all know that Baxter is a small town and that we don't have much there. I do have to say that the Baxter Mall helped Baxter more than anything has. Although I am one that doesn't want Baxter to grow. What need to people have for it to grow anyways? We have Cookeville 10 minutes away. Hell i live past Baxter and I can get to cookeville in 10 minutes or less. Depending on how heavy my foot is that day! Anyways I was driving around and got a picture of the Baxter Mall's sign. Check it out!

20 Dec 2004 by gride420

Fuck the smoaks
I just want to say someting here really quick before i leave work. So fuck your emails about grammar. I just got information that the smoaks family doesn't want their money they got off teh state for the dog shooting. What they want is for office Bush to be fired. This is and i mean this is major fuckign bullshit. I know officer Bush very well he is probably one of the best or is the best state trooper in putnam county. Being a state trooper was his dream since he can ever remember. And now those fucking bastards are wanting to take his job away from him. BULLSHIT!

Now I know some are thinking well he shot the dog he should be fired. Well for the idiots taht are thinking that, officer Bush wasn't the officer that shot the dog. It was a cookeville city officer.

Officer Bush was the officer that got the call on his radio from nashville and said hey there has been a robbery and to pick this car up. So he did his fuckign job and pulled them over. The dispatch from nashville never called him back saying there was no robbery or anything. hench he went on doing his job and pulled them over.

Now if anyone can explain to me how that is fair to officer Bush please let me know. It wasn't his fault that dog got shot, all he did was his job.

If he looses his job and it was me I'd sue the fuck out of the state for fireing me. I dunno if he will loose his job or what will happen but thats just bullshit.

He in no way killed a dog or antyhing like that all he did was get a call on the radio they told him to stop this car as a felony stop. So thats what he did! If anything or anyone should get fired is the officer that shot the dog. Even then i still dont' think that the officer that did do the shooting should be fired. Unless it was Brent Anderson. :)

Basicall the smoaks family did all this bullshit and now they turn around and dont' want any of the money from the state. they only want an officers job taken away. "the officer that didn't even shoot the dog"

Why why in the fuck would you want and officers job taken away if he isn't the one that shot your dog?

I hope the smoaks family dies along with there fucking dog!
13 Dec 2004 by gride420

Watch out here they come
This story makes me sick. Now I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea here! I think if a Mexican can come over here legally and work that is fine! Hell at least they are working, but if they can come over here illegally then I say send them back. Mexicans are taking over our city and our nation. Things have gotten to far out of hand if you ask me! They come over here “illegally” work for a few years and then take American money to Mexico and live like a king for the rest of their lives. This makes me sick at my stomach! Has anyone been any where near Tech or Monterey? If you have then I will guarantee that you saw at least 5 Mexicans. I also bet you that all 5 of those Mexicans where in 1 car. See they all pill up in one house and they make one of them Treasure. This treasurer takes all of the others pay checks and puts in where ever. Bank, digs a hole in the ground, or his pocket hell I don’t know that much about it. Then when one of them needs clothes or whatever he buys it for them. Cheap bastards! I would also like to add that I don’t want to hear anyone say “oh gride you are so wrong” because I know this is true. I have had more than one Mexican tell me this! So now with that said I want everyone to go look at this story from the Herald-Citizen.

Now stupid Americans are giving them health care, insurance, and who knows what else. I bet at break time they have a 16 year old senioritis give all the others sexual pleasure and know one cares. I am in a hurry so if I spelt senioritis wrong will someone let me know?
11 Feb 2004 by gride420

Ahh another drug bust here in the shitty town of Cookeville. The paper says “Grand jury drug indictments resulting in arrests here.” For several months officers have been getting info on the drug traffic here. They said they have bought drugs from numerous people and have gotten enough evidence. On may 22nd three people where arrested. Those people are: Jonathan Troy Roberts of Baxter, Brooks Jonathan Lee of Cookeville, and Rebecca A. Bohannon. Well this is crazy shit but listen to this. Ok John Roberts is my cousin and I have known him all my life, sadly! Brooks Lee use to be my next door neighbor for around 7 years, and I know who the Bohannon girl is I just cannot place her. Brooks is actually a person I talk to quiet a bit. He stopped selling drugs in January. Poor guy’s last deal was probably to an undercover officer. John Roberts really isn’t a drug dealer either. He gets some every now and then and sells it, but he isn’t like the man you call to buy drugs if you know what I mean. Man I’ll tell you what the cops really picked up some heavy drug dealing going on. Idiots are all I have to say. I do know the reason the cops don’t arrest the really big drug dealers here in Cookeville though. It is because the big drug dealers pay the cops off. Yes, I know this sounds a bit far fetched, but it is true. I will not go into details since I don’t have the money to pay off the cops myself.

Are the cops idiots? Don’t they understand that no matter what happens their will still be drugs in Cookeville or anywhere for that matter? If you bust one then another will take over. I’m telling you all that this will never stop and I hope it doesn’t. People have the hardest time understanding other people and the things they do, but what we all need to understand is that people are going to do what they want to do! For an ending note fuck you all!

Read More
11 Feb 2004 by gride420

Air Mcnair
Titans quarterback Steve McNair was arrested and charged with DUI and possession of a weapon early this morning at a downtown location.

McNair consented to a Breathalyzer test and registered a .18, well over the legal limit in the state of Tennessee. When his vehicle was searched, the arresting officer also found a loaded handgun. McNair has a permit for the weapon, but it is not valid if he is impaired.

McNair was pulled over in front of the Exxon on the corner of 12th Avenue nd Broadway, directly across from The Tennessean. He was taken to night court. The incident occurred sometime after 2 a.m.

The Titans are scheduled to take the practice field during minicamp today at 10 a.m.

McNair, 30, had been enjoying a great offseason, his first without surgery since following the 1998 season.

McNair established career bests in completions (301), passing yards (3,387) and touchdowns (22) during the 2002 season while guiding the Titans to the AFC Championship Game. He finished third in the league's MVP voting.

Read more
11 Feb 2004 by maynard

I got this email from a former cookevillian. They wish to remain a secret!

Now I’m pissed.

I just read in the H/C entertainment section the following headline:

“No Goblins, Just Enchantment at Cane Creek Park.”

What the fuck has happened to America? What the hell happened to Halloween?
It’s as if Cookeville has migrated to the left coast. Everyone is so
goddamned P.C. they want to celebrate Halloween with “such characters as
Cinderella & the Wizard of Oz” What the fuck is that?!?!

What happened to Freddy, & Jason? What the fuck is wrong with Frankenstein
& Dracula? Jesus Christ on a toadstool! There’s no haunted house in
Cookeville this year, just a bunch of fucking pansies in the woods dressed
up as Cinderella. “visiting their storybook friends & walking the enchanted
path’ Sound like goddamned branch davidians or some such bullshit.

Cookeville Sucks. Two Dollars? You get what you pay for.
11 Feb 2004 by gride420

well its not really news but.... eh
I have had some encounters here lately, where people have been down right offended by stickers. The most surprising thing to me is the resistance to them, I have offered stickers to serveral people for free if they would just apply them to their vehicle. Its horribly amusing, just how afraid people are of the name of this site. If you haven't figured out just yet, we dont really care, however I would highly enjoy a sticker on everyone's car in town.

Who doesnt want their work promoted?? I've heard comments "like why would you ever put that on your car?" Someone is gonna bash your window out. Please.. Anyhow the hatred for the site only fuels my passion. So if you were thinking we were gone, think again. Gride and myself have just been a little busy with some internet business. Managing a server is a lot of work, and I'll leave it at that.

Do you think you have what it takes to write for this site? We are about to start accepting applications for writers on the site, I know of a few people who have asked already, and I will consider them first. Don't take it as we don't care about the site anymore or don't have time for it, we are just currently really busy with several other sites, and need some people who are really willing to write a few articles a week. So if you might be interrested contact gride or me via the chat room, we are always around. Oh yeah if you are still wanting a sticker and haven't got one yet, once again come in to the chat and contact gride or myself, and we will do what we can to hook you up with a few. And on that note I'm going to finish off this bottle of whiskey and most likely pass out. In the immortal words of a friend of ours, THE PARTY HAS JUST BEGUN.....
11 Feb 2004 by maynard

The rain soaked streets of cookeville
As I drove home on the rain soaked streets of cookeville tonight, I realized something. You see I have lived many places, in several different states, but never one as small as this. I finally began to understand why I am still here. It's the sense of community. Plain and simple, that's it. I know you might be thinking to yourself, "what the fuck is this jackass talking about?" yeah yeah I know the name of this site is cookevillesucks. However on this rare occasion, I am gonna elaborate on the reasons that cookeville doesn't suck. Actually, I may have just lied, lets start over, well kinda.

Living in a small town has its benefits, don't get me wrong it also has its cons. But going to the bar and seeing four or five people you are related to is really kina nice. I have lived in cities, where I knew noone and let me tell you that is just no fun. Right down to the smell of honeysuckles in the early spring, there's just no place that I have been on this vast planet that's even close to Tennessee. I know that you all have been outside lately, and that you know what I am talking about. Too many beers turns me into a sappy bitch, and on that note I am going to bed.
11 Feb 2004 by maynard

A little K-K-K Ka-Knowledge
Hello everybody! This is Josh Kinniard, Killah to many, Cereal to some, Guest to legions, and well..just a general gadabout that knows something...something you may find interesting. I will be informing you on many things throughout, but this is my first wave....
George Bush has "Free Speech Zones" wherever he goes; certain places one can go to protest wherever he is. Dont worry! people that have supportive posters of the President can be all around him...but people with posters such as "I dont support the President" have certain areas to go to...way out of the view of media cameras.

This is an attack on free speech, by the way. Looks like the Prez has a public image he wants to keep the way MILLIONS of people oppose this administration...and now we are having our freedoms taking away from us (the right to free speech)...I guess all those terrorists will come out with those bad signs, right? but what about the ones that support him? him...nothing like the eroding of your right, huh? talk to you later and remember: We must become the change we wont to see! Enjoy your tele!

11 Feb 2004 by killah

It's nobody's fault but my own
Well since I am not gonna be working for the next forty days or so, I figure I Can make myself useful and write some for the site. Dont let that be misleading though, because we are working on some really cool stuff for the future of this site and somewhat of an underground culture here in Cookeville.

A web ring if you will capable of creating a sense of community and an opportunity to communicate instantly to other users. will be the next addition to this community or group of sites.

What you ask could we possibly put there? Well, we plan to create an environment similar to, which will allow you to rate other users pictures and even instant message them. Possibly even a cam portal could be in the works, and from what I have seen quite possibly the first cookeville cam portal.

One of the most important features of this new idea, is already starting to pick up steam. The live chat, that you see down to the left on the page is growing daily. Imagine being able to contact the girl/guy whos picture you rated a 10, instantly. Our IRC chat provides that ability, you can either use the chat icon provided at the left or you can go to and download the latest version of their client.

Once you have that installed join the server, and then join #cookevillesucks, you will find a good deal of regulars there almost 24/7 and soon we will be activating our trivia channel, #cstrivia so check that out too if ya like. We look forward to talking to you soon.
11 Feb 2004 by maynard

Recent editorial in the Oracle
I recently read this editorial in the Oracle, thats the TTU weekly newspaper if anyone is living in a cave. I found it quite interesting, and I hope that you do also.

Note: I have published this without the authors permission, however I know him petty well, so I dont think he will have an issue with it. Enjoy.
11 Feb 2004 by maynard

Bitchy People
I just read an article in the herald-citizen that I just thought was absolutely funny as hell. Please visit the site then come back and see what I had to say about it.

Read Here

The article on loud boat upset tranquil City Lake!

Ok first of all I know who these ppl are that did this. The person that wrote that article took things way to far and is probably one of those old fuckers that live around that lake that just look for shit to bitch about.

Ok, yes the lake is quiet and peaceful and it a great place for habitat, but come on one day with a boat and the person freaks out.

“What we don't enjoy are the people who think it is suitable for fast boats and jet skis” Umm ok you don’t own the lake so no one cares! The signs say no jet skies and say nothing about jet boats!

“What we don't enjoy are people who take chances with their lives and their children's by not wearing life vests” Ok, it wasn’t a chance it was 2 older men and no children was there at all!

“If you are the person who apparently did some damage to your shiny cigarette-type boat, I hope you learned this lesson: If there are trees on the shoreline, there are fallen trees submerged somewhere” The boat got hot there was absolutely no damage what so ever. And if that person was saying that they hit a tree well they didn’t the boat just got hot and died!

“In less than one minute, you robbed the animals, birds, shoreline and other people of the peacefulness of the early evening on the lake” Fuck people are so stupid. Yes, now that they did that all the animals are gone they just left because of one day of loudness. Actually 30 minutes of loudness!

With all this said the only reason the 2 men went out there is because the man drove half across the country to get the boat and he wanted to see if it ran. I understand that it cannot happen all the time cause then it would get annoying, but how many ppl are going to go to the city lake to run a boat? Not many they only did it because it was really close!

Also if there person that wrote this lives next to the lake they you really should stop and think about yourself. You live on the lake you have a house on the lake. You fucked up the habitat when you bought or built the house and it is everyday not just 30 minutes!
11 Feb 2004 by gride420

Well it snowed that is for sure! My cousin took this picture as they were driving around town today. She thought it would be perfect for the site. The circles are major signs of drunken rednecks waking up to a big snow!

26 Feb 2004 by gride420

Back for the first time
Yeah, thatā€™s right! You thought we died didnā€™t you? LOL shit f0olz ā€œwe donā€™t die!ā€ Itā€™s going out to all the juggaloā€™s in Cookevegas, Baxter, Boma, and Silver Point even in the hizzy! Thatā€™s right just went out and got a mother fuckin make over now sit back and let it soak in! Ahh! Isnā€™t that pleasing on the eyes! I seem to think so, but then again Iā€™m not perfect either. Thanks to the maker of the forum template we have succeeded another 2 page layout. Main page same as the forum and we like it that way, but yet is still original. None of that phpnuke and postnuke bullshit! We still have a bit of work to do, so chill and come back soon for the rest, to see the best in Cookeville! We will be making the top logo better with added text and we will also change the top header images. Well I hope you all like the new page and come back to see us. If you donā€™t well then fuck you!
17 Jun 2004 by gride420

Shit s0n
I have to say I am very pleased to see people posting comments on the site. It makes me want to update it more and take more care of the site. I even have people emailing me about the bumper stickers too. This is great and I love this part of running this site. I have heard but i do not know for sure if it is true or not, but someone told me there is a new law in town. Supposably you can't even have the piss on chevy stickers anymore either. Well i think that is bull fucking shit. You paided for your car and your sticker. It is your property not the cities or anyone elses. If this is the case I say we start a petition stating that no spanish be put on buisnesses! If you have a cookevillesucks bumper sticker and you get pulled over and the cop ask you to take it off. Then you just email me and I will get you another one. If it gets to where you have to get a new one every month then soo be it. I have a stack of them and if i run out I will get more. Fuck whom ever helped make this law and to whom every signed it. If they don't like us thats just too fucking bad. If the people in office or the wealthy people in town want cookevillesucks to go, then get some things for kids to do in this town. Do someting about it and it won't suck anymore. Well shit i am out of time and for the ppl that just love to bitch about grammer too fucking bad. I don't have enough time right now, maybe later i will fix it!
24 Aug 2004 by gride420

Is this really a surprise ?
Shortly after 10 a.m. yesterday, FBI agents arrived at the Cookeville Police Department to arrest two men.

The suspects were easily spotted.

They wore blue and police badges.

By noon, "Operation Tarnished Shield," a three-year effort by federal and state authorities to "root out corruption" in this Upper Cumberland Plateau city, also had resulted in the arrest of two former law enforcement officers.

Four other individuals, for a total of eight, also were taken into custody as part of the undercover sting investigation that alleges police participation in a conspiracy to ferry cocaine and launder hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Arrested yesterday at the Cookeville Police Department were Master Patrol Officer Reno Martin, a 15-year veteran of the department, and Patrol Officer Jason Blythe, who has been on the force three years.

Read the rest here

Robert Terry's Offical statement here
17 Aug 2005 by maynard

Well kids tonight I decided to head on over to the infamous OBSCURE CAFE, wow what a fucking mistake...This band was assaulted by the security at the obscure, namely one faggot resembling ted nugent, only his mullet was way cooler. Two members of the band are currently in the putnam county jail. At least I assume thats where they are as the city police carted them off in cuffs.

Way to stand up for the talent Sweetland...

Talk about supporting your local scene...

That's it, needless to say I'm done with the obscure, and I'd like for you all to know that we are in no way affiliated with that establishment. Nothing better than driving to cookeville tennessee, the shit hole of the nation, and then being assaulted by a mullet weilding fuckwad... Too bad I didn't have the old video camera on me...

Rhyan Holla at ya boy
26 Jul 2005 by maynard

Teacher charged with sex offenses
McMINNVILLE, Tenn. — A Warren County elementary teacher has been charged with having a consensual sexual relationship with one of her students, a 13-year-old boy.

Pamela Rogers Turner, 27, was charged Monday with 15 counts of sexual battery by an authority figure and 13 counts of statutory rape. All the charges involved the same boy.

She is free on $50,000 bond. Turner has been placed on leave, school system director of instruction Bobby Cox said.

A telephone message left at the home of her father, Lamar Rogers, a coach at Clarkrange High School, was not immediately returned Tuesday evening.

Turner teaches physical education and coached girls basketball at Centertown Elementary, a Warren County school with grades kindergarten through eight in McMinnville.

District Attorney General Dale Potter said investigators believe some of the offenses happened at the school and some at the boy's home. Others may have transpired during out-of-town games in other counties, and there could be charges in the other counties from the alleged incidents, he said.

Turner lived at the boy's house "for a brief period of time when she was moving from residence to residence," Potter said Tuesday. The boy's parents knew she was living there but didn't know anything about a sexual relationship, he said.

Potter declined comment on the nature of the relationship between Turner and her student, but said investigators discovered multiple acts of sexual intercourse between November and January.

"It's attracting attention because it's a female teacher, and that's a little out of the ordinary," Potter said. "But for us, a sex abuse case is a sex abuse case."

Turner is in the process of divorce from Chris Turner, who is the head boys basketball coach at Warren County High School, the Southern Standard newspaper in McMinnville reported Tuesday. They were married in July 2003, and Chris Turner filed for divorce Jan. 14, citing inappropriate marital conduct by Pamela Turner.

Turner was arrested Monday in Clarkrange, her hometown in Fentress County about 55 miles northeast of McMinnville, Potter said.

Conviction on all counts could be punished by up to 100 years in prison. Potter said it was more likely that a conviction would mean a minimum of a year to several years in prison.

Arraignment was scheduled for Feb. 23.

Turner was praised by people throughout the community Tuesday and portrayed as a supportive teacher and basketball coach.

"She coached my granddaughter and she just cried when she saw the news on TV," said Christine Medley, who works at a local diner. "I've always thought of her as a nice lady."

Pamela Turner's father has won more than 800 games and seven state championships. Turner was a senior on his 1995 state title team.

Turner is a graduate of Tennessee Tech University with a degree in education.

She was named "Ms. Monday Nitro" during broadcasts by World Championship Wrestling from spring break in Florida in 1997.

Too lazy to read it all ??? Well you're in luck I happened to catch it on a few news stations.


Discuss it on the forum
09 Feb 2005 by maynard

Man charged with stealing jewels from Hank Williams Jr.

PARIS, Tenn. A man has been charged with stealing more than a half-(M) million dollars in jewelry from the country retreat of Hank Williams Junior in Henry County.

Williams and his family were sleeping in the home last Wednesday when the thief stole a 60-pound safe containing the jewelry.

A new neighbor, Ryan Daniel Binkley, is charged with aggravated burglary and theft of property.

The 22-year-old Binkley is in the Dyer County Jail on unrelated drug charges and is being held without bond.

Police got a break in the case after Binkley called his mother from the jail and told her to sell some jewelry stashed at his cabin to pay for his defense lawyer.

Word got back to police.

Id fucking kill the bastard that did this, don't take from my boy!!!!!!
26 Jan 2005 by gride420

Some video for that ass
Yeah.... yeah yeah I know the sound is off, but I'm tired and its late. Either way check it out. download here

NOTE: Hey Dranyam had to take the actually vid off. ON some systems for some reason it was opening up when you visited the site and you could close it.

NOTE2: Prolly using firefox.... at least thats what it was doing for me IE you had to start it, but for some reason firefox would just play it even with this in the code

param name="autoStart" value="false"

a bug in firefox I guess, pretty pointless now though.
26 Aug 2005 by dranyam

Officers Arrested In Corruption Sting

Officers Arrested In Corruption Sting Learn Their Fate

Cookeville police chief Robert Terry held a disciplinary hearing Friday afternoon for officers Jason Blythe and Reno Martin. Both officers were arrested last week as part of a three-year FBI investigation into public corruption.

As a result of the hearing, Officer Blythe, who was charged with a violation of Federal firearms law, was suspended without pay until he is found guilty or innocent on the charge.

Officer Martin, who was charged with drug-related violations, was fired from the Cookeville police department, effective immediately. Reno Martin’s attorney said his client planned to appeal his dismissal.

Blythe and Martin were two of the eight people arrested as part of Operation Tarnished Shield, an undercover FBI sting.
26 Aug 2005 by dranyam

They're in the jailhouse now!
As reported on WSMV.COM

Two people charged with upholding the law found themselves on the receiving end on Tuesday in federal court. At the hearing, the two police officers from Putnam County were denied bail.

A total of 8 people are charged in the FBI undercover sting code-named "Tarnished Shield".

Charged is Cookeville Police Officer Reno Martin, who is accused of transporting cocaine along with former Algood Police Officer Steven Williamson. A third man, Cookeville Used Car Dealer Tom Jones, is accused of being the middle man.

Federal Judge Joe Brown said the two cops, being sworn officers, should be held to a higher standard.

The judge agreed with the U.S. attorney that Williamson might be a danger to the community.

Church members came to support accused Police Officer Martin at Tuesday's hearing.

"No matter what is found out here in this courtroom, we support and we love Reno Martin,” said Mike Chaffin, Church Friend.

Two final suspects will be in court on Friday. A court date has not been set.
23 Aug 2005 by dranyam

Wow, lots of shit going on in cookeville here lately. I really wouldn't even know where to start on some of it. I do have one question though. Has anyone else noticed cop cars parked on the side of the road with their uniforms hung up in the window. LOL this is funny! I guess they are having to make due for lost employee's. HE HE Anyways i guess i was just wondering if anyone else has seen this. I am on the road all day everyday so i tend to see shit like this. Or maybe the little speed checker on a trailor thingy they have is broken. Who the fuck knows maybe its a good thing they are saving money on gas. "taxes" Later all enjoy and good luck to the tech students. Don't drink too much and you should pass.
18 Aug 2005 by gride420

So it's that time of the year again. The 4th of July! If anyone has been around enough, they know we have maynardfest every year. It's where all our pal's come out in the the middle of the woods in a field and throw the fuck down. Hank williams jr. style bitches. This year we have topped the icin' on the cake though. We have a huge ass tv screen down there. It's not really a tv but shit for a projection tv. Have been watching movies, porn, and listening to music all night long. I don't know about you all but i never met a group of ppl that can get some shit done like we do. We have a huge cast iron grill quick created into the ground. Just remember this is in the middle of a cow field! We have that, huge screen tv, maynard bought a bad ass generator this year for power, and we gonna have a lan party tonight. Anyways im just ramblin on about it. Just get your lazy asses on the phone and call us or someone you know. Someone that knows someone is bound to know where this place is at. So get drunk and come on out and see us party the fuck down. Will have pictures up soooon.
03 Jul 2005 by gride420

The victims of yesterday's murder-suicide in DeKalb County had many connections to Cookeville, and the alleged killer was well known in the Silver Point community.

The murders took place on Aunt Helen Road just inside DeKalb County around 7 a.m. Tuesday.

Authorities said Roy Whitehead, 54, who was probably upset over his recent conviction for vandalism of his neighbor's fence, shot and killed his neighbors, Richard Parker, 45, and his wife, Laurie Parker, 36, while their seven-year-old daughter, Madison, was present.

Whitehead then drove to a picnic area at Center Hill Lake and killed himself.

The little girl, who was a student at Northeast Elementary School in Cookeville, told DeKalb County Sheriff Lloyd Emmons she had seen Roy Whitehead come into her house with a gun.

Read the full story here.

This is crazy happend less than 2 miles from my home and on top of that like everyone i know liked this person. I guess we come to the conclusion that people are crazy and you never know what they are gonna do!
31 Mar 2005 by gride420

Collision In Overton Co.
Two people were seriously injured at a dangerous intersection on Highway 111 in Overton County yesterday, according to the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

It happened about 11:20 a.m. Thursday at Highway 293 and Highway 111 in Rickman, said THP Trooper Marty Philpot.

Those who suffered serious injury and were airlifted to Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga following the wreck were as follows:

* Letha Hill, 28, of Monroe, Tenn., the driver of one of the two vehicles involved.

* Jim Moore, 62, of Rickman, a passenger in the other vehicle.

Letha Hill was driving a 1998 Chevrolet Blazer north on Highway 111. Melody Cravens, 24, of Jamestown was riding in the front passenger seat, and Hill's one-year-old daughter was buckled into an infant carseat in the back, the trooper said

Read More
11 Feb 2004 by gride420

Baxter employees were stunned last night when three city board members, with no discussion or warning, cut out half their health insurance payments, laid off one employee and demoted another "for the good of the town."

Jimmy Fields, Robert Vinson and Hubert Chaffin made their motions at the end of the meeting, spending less time on the three cutbacks than they had spent earlier on approving one motion to spend $1,500 to buy a used sewer cleaner.

Read More
11 Feb 2004 by gride420

Pot tour
Have you guys heard about the man growing pot and when he got busted he gave the cops a tour? This is hilarious if you ask me. Hell I would be proud too I guess, but I don’t know if I would take them on a tour.

A Cookeville man charged with growing marijuana in his Scenic Drive home allegedly took law officers on a tour and explained his methods and operations with pride.

That was just before Russell E. Bracey, 39, was arrested and taken to the Putnam jail on July 3.
He is charged with possession of marijuana for resale, manufacture of a controlled substance, and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.

Read the full story! :o
11 Feb 2004 by gride420

Deftones unoriginal ?
As I was sitting at work today, with a blistering headache (from polishing off a bottle of whiskey last night) I began scanning through the herald-citizen. I reached the horoscope page and figured I had wasted my thirty minutes trying to find something to read, but then as I was closing the "news paper", (if you wanna call it that) this struck my eye. I saw the word Deftones, and quite frankly I was shocked, that bands name was something I figured would have never been printed in the local paper. Much to my dismay however, as I read futher into the article, I began to realize that the author, was completly trashing the band.

The first problem that I have with this is, that the author Chad Laytham, is the Assistant Sports Editor. Why in the hell do they have this bumbling oaf reviewing albums? He obviously has no clue as to what he is talking about, he (Laytham) compares the Deftones to band that are no where near their calibur, such as Staind and Disturbed. In his article he claims that "They fail to stand out" I would have to say that the Deftones are one of the most unique sounding bands that I have ever heard. Later in the article he also refers to their "lone hit to date". Seriously I don't know what planet this guy is on, the Deftones have had way more than one hit. Don't believe me? Check the record sales pal.

Quite to the opposite of his article and his strangly biased opinion, the Deftones are revered as one of the leaders on the forefront of their genre, they are the groundbreakers, I know most of you probably do not listen to this band, and never will. However it just struck a nerve with me today when I saw a sports editor who obviously has no musical knowledge or taste putting down one my favorite bands, and for quite possibly the best cd released so far this year.

Amazon Review
11 Feb 2004 by maynard

Counterfeit $20
This is funny! Well funny to me because I received a fake 20 about 6 months ago or so I guess it was. I had helped my grandfather do some work and he paid me with two 20 dollar bills. I stopped at the nearest gas station after leaving his house to get gas. I look down and notice right off that this was not a real 20. You could defiantly tell when you held it up to the other 20 that was real. So I call my grandfather to bug him a bit. Telling him he is in the counterfeit money ring. Then I ask a few family members what to do. I had a few options. Either try to use it at the gas station where the Arabs would have never known about it, throw it a way and forget it, or take it to the police station. Well me being the person that I am I took it to the police station. Turns out that there had been a lot of this going on in Putnam County lately. They were showing up through yard sales and stuff like that. And my grandfather is the yard sale king, so we assumed that is were he got this 20. So the officer took my 20 only to return a thank you. I was pissed I wanted my 20 back! If I ever run across counterfeit again the Arabs are getting it. Here is the story that got a fire under my ass to write about this.

Fire under My Ass!

I also want to add, so that no one else gets the wrong idea, that I didn't have enough gas to get to another gas station or I wouln't have been getting gas from the Arabs! I don't give them my money!
11 Feb 2004 by gride420

Lindsay Pride
Herald-Citizen Staff

A four-year federal grant will provide funding to help the Putnam County sheriff's department improve community-wide meth awareness in the fight against the increasing use of that illegal drug.
The Putnam Commission approved the county's $61,030 match of a $183,081 Byrne Grant that focuses alerting people to detect the signs of meth manufacturing and trafficking.

"The sheriff has made meth a priority," said Susan Wells, grant writer for the Byrne Grant. "The Byrne Grant looks for innovative ideas and pilots them across the country.

"We're going out to the community and telling them what meth smells like," she said. "Our focus is children and teenagers."

Read Full Story
11 Feb 2004 by gride420

This is bad. I wish they would find a cure for cancer. See I had and Uncle that died 2 years ago from cancer. He had never smoked a day in his life. Left behind a wonderful wife, child, many freinds, and most of all his daughter just had her baby. He would have been very proud of her. So everyone when you see those cans at a store saying help cancer victum the least you could do is give them the change that the cash registr just handed you. So read this!

Tammy Logan, 34, an elementary school teacher and mother of two, yesterday lost the brave battle she had fought against cancer for the past few years. She died at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville.

Just last month, she was honored at the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life event, where she addressed the thousands in attendance, speaking strongly and confidently and with that ever-present big smile on her face.

Read full story here
11 Feb 2004 by gride420

Cookevilletalks and their lies
Hello everyone this is a post to show how Odin and his buddies are about lying. Here is an email I got from


Do not email me again. You have one low down site and the biggest trouble maker on their is none other than that trashy deb! She is a piece of work all right and she is the one that told it around about some nut over there being a disabled vet. BTW, you can call me whoever you like, I am NOT Odin, or Prae. You are really sick.

Ok now here are the details of the email


Received: from ( [])by (8.11.6/8.11.6) with ESMTP id h59DUET00657 for ; Mon, 9 Jun 2003 08:30:14 -0500
Received: from mail pickup service by with Microsoft SMTPSVC Mon, 9 Jun 2003 06:17:30 -0700 Received: from
by with HTTP; Mon, 09 Jun 2003 13:17:30 GMT X-Originating-IP[]

Ok everyone now take a look at this screen shot I did of our forum.CLICK HERE!

See when you post it adds your ip address and when the admins hit the ip link on the forum it gives all the other user names that have posted from that same ip. Funny how it says scooter and Odin have the same ip address doesn't it?
Please no one get me wrong it is possible that this is two different people because about every 3 months or so charter will change the ips around. So yes this really could be two different users. My guess is that it isn't though, but I have been wrong before.

I would also like to add, for the new person on the forum that said cookevilletalks doesn't delete post, that you are wrong. They have deleted a lot of post before. Actually when they changed host they deleted everything. Because they are too stupid to add and drop tables. Ok I got that out of my system now. And as for the email I could care less what you think about me. Matter of fact kiss my white ass!
11 Feb 2004 by gride420

New server
ok everyone the dns #'s have switched for most isps. If so you are on the new server ahh notice how much faster it loads. Ok I am not for sure but if you have charter cable modems the dns #'s have not switched. So give it one more day and everything will be back to normal. Also if you have problems logging in then just hit the forgot password link fill out the form and check your email. copy the new password and hit the link it provides and login with that password. Then if you want to change you pass back to what it was or one you can remember just go to profile and paste the pass the email gave you in the first email box, then type your pass you want in the 2 next boxes. then you will be set. If you are reading this then your dns #'s have switched which is a good thing!

Have a shitty weekend everyone and eat some poop!
11 Feb 2004 by gride420

Fiber optic Future
After more than a decade of promises, the nation's biggest telecommunications companies took a major step Thursday toward building super-fast fiber-optic lines directly to homes.

These lines would carry data 100 times faster than today's cable modems or DSL lines. Regional phone giants SBC Communications, Verizon Communications and BellSouth announced that they had agreed on standards for so-called fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) equipment and sent a letter to makers of telecom equipment asking for bids.

FTTP would be ''the most fundamental and important enhancement to telecommunications since wireless networks were built,'' said Matt Davis, analyst at market researcher Yankee Group.

Though broadband will be in about 30% of U.S. households by the end of this year, fiber will drive more dramatic capabilities into homes by delivering lightning-speed Internet, interactive games, movies on demand, phone calls and high-definition TV.

Full Story Here

100 times faster than cable or Dsl, sounds pretty good to me. I cannot wait for this to happen nation wide. I just wonder if there will be better upload capabilites?
11 Feb 2004 by maynard

Hail to the thieves
Two alleged beer thieves go to court here next week. They are accused of stealing four cases of Budweiser beer off a delivery truck on May 13.

Wendell Jay Conner, 24, Old Stover Road, Monroe, and Cynthia D. Carr, 25, of Bowers Road, Cookeville, are charged with theft of property and vandalism in the case, according to police reports.

The beer theft happened in the parking lot of Outback restaurant on Interstate Drive, says a report by Cookeville Police Officer Darrin Stout.

Someone there saw a man and a woman take the beer off the Budweiser truck and also noted that the car they were in hit a block wall in the parking lot, causing damage, as it left the scene.

Full story here

Now why in the world would you do all that, just to get four cases of beer? Also notice the latest meth busts at the bottom of the page. Anyone wanna tell my why in the hell you would take meth?? The stupidity of the human race amazes me daily.
11 Feb 2004 by maynard

Fucking Mexicans
Ok fine for all you people that are bitching about us not posting in forever! I got a post for you. Whats the deal with the mexicans in this town or for that matter in the U.S.? It really pisses me off that americans are letting the mexicans come over here and take our money back with them. It makes me puke everytime I see those fuckers pilled up in some van or 2452345 of them living in one home. I don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks about his matter, but I say round their asses up and ship them back to fucking mexico. Bring back our fucking factories and the people that had to move their to stick with a good job. I don’t want to fucking here bullshit about ohh they make america work, becuase they will do the jobs americans won’t. That’s just fucking bullshit if you ask me! I know personally ppl that have tried to get jobs where the mexicans go to work. Such as purdue farms and the candie facotry here in town. They couldn’t because five thousand fucking mexicans work their. It just kills me to see shit like this and its obviously not going to stop. Thanks to Bush and his fucked up immagrant thinking brain its just going to get worse. But dear god please don’t let that faggot of and ass kerry get in office either. Kill us all and send my dead body to a fucking mexican city so I can walk the streets as a ghost killing as many as I can! And I am at work and in a hurry like always, so if any mother fucker has a problem with my spelling or grammer take it and stick it up your ass!
17 Aug 2004 by gride420

Whats up my fellow cookevillians! The site has been getting back to where I want it to be in a sense. Got some visitors back and got some post coming out of the woodwork.

So with this time i want to take a moment to just advertise the site a bit. Since we have been having so many people wanting the bumper stickers I feel that maybe you all want more cookevillesucks shit!

If you will check out the link to your left that says tshirts you can find shirts, hats, coffee mugs, and lots more shit with our logo on them. So If you hate cookeville and want to help support this site. Go check it out and hook us both up! I will also try to add some more stuff to the site where you get the tshirts and hats too. Some for the ladies and some for the men. For the ladies you can get a nice cookevillesucks logo on your thongs. Now I know that all you women out there are just dieing to have cookevillesucks logo that close to your privates its killing you. So go check it out in a week or so.

Also I will be adding a order page soon "when i get time" for you all to order your bumper stickers right off the site. All you will have to do is send us one dollar in the mail or paypal and we will send you a sticker to teh address you applied with.
07 Sep 2004 by gride420

Cosmo's Bar and grille
Well its been over a week now, so I've had time to cool down, and I didnt really want to come on here angry and look foolish. In other words I didn't want to come on here and write a three page rant about cosmo's. After getting into the good ol Elijah Craig, Killah and myself decide to wander over to the local neighborhood watering hole. Well we drank there for most of the night after losing to the milf and her bartending friend at pool (due to severe drunkeness) a couple times it seem that 3am had rolled around.

Swiftly as the clock struck 3am the bartender, and waitresses came around snatching beers, now as you might have imagined this didnt exactly make us too happy. Shouting ITS STATE LAW, WE MUST HAVE YOUR BEVERAGES NOW. Very shady. So we handed over the beers and as the ticket came I decided to grab a sharpie in my drunken stupor and scribble and so do you on to the tab.

Obviously this didn't make the bartender (who suffers from short man syndrome) very happy, because he came back in proceeded to threaten Killah. My friend not even knowing what he was referrering to, so I stood up and said "I DID IT" to which he replies ......."DONT DO IT AGAIN" in his most stern I'm a badass because I'm a bartender voice. I turned back to look at him as ask "OR WHAT BITCH" but apparently he wasn't to concerned because he had ran away. Threatened to be thrown out for writing on my own tab ? That's a bit harsh don't you think.

Before we left, we happened to run into some fans, I didnt know we still had any, but lately the site has come back to life. I gave them a couple of stickers, and headed out. Rest assured I will never set foot inside of cosmo's again, and I'd hope you would consider doing the same. That said we are happy to have you all back and posting comments and reading the forums.
02 Sep 2004 by maynard

Elite bands
Hello everyone! We got a special request to help someone out the other day. And well we are all about helping out. Anything to make cookeville look better! Here are some bands that are going to be playing in town here soon at the new obcure cafe out on jackson street. So everyone get your asses over there. While your there make sure you mention to some employees that you came from

fri nov 19 hollis bishop w/ bleak december

sat nov 20 shirock w/ my brother

sunday nov 21 punk the clock tour

sat nov 27 blues thumpers

wed dec 1 afroman

fri dec 3 green rode shotgun w/ someday company & and in august

sat dec 4 eyes around w/ novena

OMFG i seen this email a few days ago and I didn't even notice that fucking Afro Man was gonna be there on my 25th birthday. I think i shall go and make that rappin fool smoke a blunt with me! woot! woot! Hope to see you all there.
19 Nov 2004 by gride420

Stand before me Look into my eyes
So yeah I was sitting around today watching a few movies, and tinkering with a few sites, and the server and what not, When I decided i should post some news here. Now that we are doomed to another four years of bush, get ready kids for the wild ride down the toilet. Im sure he will have us all branded with barcodes before his final term is up. Its just funny to me how much power religion has over the general public. However the most messed up part of this whole religious/political connection is that we came here (years ago) to be free of the rule of religious leaders. Welcome to the new world apparently one owned by the bush family. I cant wait to see what he will impose on the american people in the next four years. Dont worry though I'm sure whatever he decides to do will make money for him and good 'ol dick

But the way I figure it, we've already managed to prove that we are by far the most ignorant nation on this earth. So this election and its results were no surprise to the rest of the free world that Dubya has constantly referred to as THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES. Gee I wonder why everyone hates us ? Anyhow thats enough of my ranting about your current leader.

Now on to something much cooler than the previous subject, FREE STUFF!!!!!!!
who doesnt love free stuff. Especially cool gadgets like ipods. I was a bit skeptical of this offer when I first seen it, but after I've seen person after person actually get a free ipod I decided to give it a spin and Im well on the way to getting mine. So yeah if you wanna give this a try and have a few friends that might help you out (cause thats basically all you need) then click on this picture and get started..

09 Nov 2004 by maynard

Whiskey River
So we got the liquor law passed in baxter. YAY all that means is that baxter might get a resturant. Pff. It also means baxter is going to have more money comin its way. Hench more cops to fuck with you and more and more bullshit! I say leave the shit in cookeville where it already sucks. Most ppl that go out to eat dont give a fuck to drive 10 extra minutes to interstate drive!

May i say one thing baxter cops suck. Getting more of them will suck way worse!
08 Nov 2004 by gride420

New zones
Last Thursday and Friday, the Herald-Citizen published the first and second parts of a three-part series of questions and answers on the Putnam County Zoning Resolution the Putnam County Commission will consider for approval a week from now.

Today is the final installment of that series.

* Would people have to alter current buildings on their property to comply with zoning regulations?

Find the answer to the questions here! Along with more questions and answers!
08 Nov 2004 by gride420

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